Freight invoice processing data straight to your TMS or ERP with 100% accuracy.


Freight invoice processing that is non-disruptive for both the sender and receiver. That’s because it doesn’t require any system changes by carriers and unlike traditional EDI, it doesn’t require ANY technical resources.


Get built-in validations and tax and VAT compliant invoices processed at 100% accuracy at a line level detail, unlike OCR technology and at a fraction of the cost.


CloudTrade applies AI and runs RPA technology based on your rules to convert freight invoices into the format required for your freight payment or back office system.

How the CloudTrade Freight Invoice Process Works

freight invoice processing
freight invoice processing
freight invoice processing
freight invoice processing
Processing of All Major LTL Carrier Freight Invoices

CloudTrade’s patented software uses unique rules-based technology, with backward tracking search, to interpret, validate, and extrapolate semantic meaning from complex freight invoices. Integrate key supply chain data for improved landed costs analysis and reporting analytics.

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